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Traffic location

Wuhan Library is located at No. 861 Jianshe Avenue, Hankou, directly opposite to the Shangri-La Hotel. It has convenient traffics, which nearly 20 routes of buses and two subway lines are available. Readers can take buses and get off at Hankou Sanyanqiao Station. The specific routes are as follows:

    Wuchang direction: passing by Yangtze River Bridge-1: No. 706, 522 and 557 buses; passing by Yangtze River Bridge-2: No. 534 bus

    Hanyang direction: No. 580, 70, 808, 598, 208, 711 and 726 buses

    Qingshan direction: passing by Yangtze River Bridge-2: No. 719 and 610 buses

    Gutian direction: No. 46 and 560 buses

    Dijiao direction:o. 509, 809 and 60 buses

   You can also take subway Line 3 and Line 6 to XiangGangLu Station and get out from H exit.

    Advisory number: 85718020     Library office: 85718003

    Fax: 85718060      Postal code: 430015