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Notice for Readers in Wuhan Library

Wuhan Library is a comprehensive public library founded by the People’s Government of Wuhan City, and an important window to disseminate spiritual civilization. To build a safe, order, quiet and comfortable reading environment jointly, all readers shall observes the following regulations
I Be polite, wear delicate clothes when entering the library, without waistcoat and slippers (the shoes without lace over heel). 
II Please maintain clean environment and keep tidy. Smoking, spitting and littering of garbage (scraps of paper, peel, etc.) in the library are prohibited. Please take meals at designated places, and do not eat, drink, chat and do other activities unrelated to the reading in reading rooms. 
III Keep quiet in the library. Do not make noises, play around, chase and quarrel in the library and sleep, lie and seat on the ground. Do not behave in an impolite way that may lose ones individuality or impede others.
IV Pets and dangerous goods are strictly prohibited. Please do not enter the library with boxes and bags in large size. Do not paste advertisements, distribute leaflets or sell goods in the library. Please keep your cell phone and other communication equipment silent and dial and answer calls in the designated area in the library. 
V Readers entering the reading area shall store their bags under guidance of staff, and take care of their valuables by themselves
VI Please cherish all resources and facilities in the library. Readers causing damages to the public property and facilities in the library shall be treated in accordance with the Regulations for Public Libraries in Hubei Province
VII Please take care of safety when up and down stairs and at handrails for the juveniles who are visiting and learning in the library along with their parents. 
VIII Group visit shall be reserved in advance in our office before visiting. The library has the right to stop any activity unrelated to reading in the library without permission. 
IX Please abide by the regulations of our library consciously and cooperate with the librarian for management. For any emergency case, please follow the staff’s instructions for evacuation. 
Opening time: 8:30-20:30

9:00-17:00 on national holidays (further notice will be given in special condition).