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Notice for Reader’s Card Application in Wuhan Library

To be convenient for all readers to make use of the abundant collected literature information resources in Wuhan Library, we issue Reader’s Card for Circulation and Reading of Literature in Wuhan Library to the public openly, and hereby formulate the management measures as follows:

    I Objects

    All adult citizens of the People’s Republic of China and foreigners (including those at the age of 16) can apply for the Reader’s Card for Circulation and Reading of Literature in Wuhan Library (hereinafter referred to as “Reader’s Card”).

The juvenile (at the age of 6 to 15) can apply for the Reader’s Card for Circulation and Reading of Children Literature in Wuhan Library (hereinafter referred to as “Children's Card”).

    II Application method

    1 Adult readers and foreigners shall hold personal 2nd-generation ID card and passport to apply for the readers card respectively, while the juvenile readers shall hold the 2nd-generation ID card, household register or social security card with company of the guardians, to apply for Children's Card (the card is only available to reading room for teenagers).

    2 When applying for the Children's Card with household register or social security card, the juvenile readers shall register personal information on computers themselves and file the application.

    3 Readers shall pay guarantee money (security deposit) of RMB 100 Yuan only when applying for the Reader’s Card.

    4 Administrative charge is free for readers applying for the Reader’s Card for the first time. 

III Functions of the Reader’s Card

    1 Reading: All readers can be accessible to all reading rooms with the Reader’s Card.

    2 Electronic resources: Use the Multimedia visual and audio room, electronic books, electronic journals and other digital resources of Wuhan Library.

    3 Circulation: 24-hour self-service library (only for books) is available for the reader with Reader’s Card; borrow and return Chinese books in reading room I and II; borrow and return Chinese journals in newspaper and periodicals reading room; borrow and return Chinese books (only for Children's Card) in reading room for teenagers.

    4 Coordinated loan and return: Readers can perform coordinated loan and return(only for books)in all public libraries in Wuhan City for free with Reader’s Card (excluding Children’Card).

    IV Reader’s Card password

    1 The initial password of the Reader’s Card is 8 digits of your date of birth on your personal ID card (for example: the reader, Xiaoming’s date of birth is May 8, 1987, the corresponding initial password is 19870508).

    2 Readers can change the password in column of “My Library” on website of Wuhan Library or reset a new password at Readers Card application office on 1/F with personal ID card.

    V Application time

    8:30-17:30 from Monday to Sunday

    9:00-16:00 on national holidays (further notice will be given in special condition).

   VI Validity

The Reader’s Card will be valid for 2 years, and readers can continue using it by securing the validation formalities upon expiration.

   VII Reapplication way

In case that the Reader’s Card is lost or damaged due to the reader’s personal reason during using, readers shall hold personal ID card or deposit receipt and come to Readers Card application office to report loss, and hold valid personal ID card or deposit receipt to collect a new Reader’s Card two days later. Readers shall pay cost of Reader’s Card of RMB 5 Yuan during collection. Readers shall undertake the full responsibility on damages caused by improper safekeeping of the Reader’s Card.

   VIII Return of Reader’s Card

   1 Readers must hold  original of personal 2nd-generation ID card  the Readers Card and  deposit receipt when returning the Reader's Card. The Reader’s Card and deposit receipt will be taken back after returning readers the deposit of RMB 100 Yuan.

   2 In case that the deposit receipt or the Reader’s Card is lost, readers shall hold the original of personal 2nd-generation ID card and the Reader’s Card to report loss. One week later, readers shall hold the 2nd-generation ID card original, the Reader’s Card and application form for returning deposit themselves to secure the return formalities.

   3 When entrusting others to return the Reader’s Card, the person shall hold the consignor’s 2nd-generation ID card original (or household register or social security card), the consignor’s Reader’s Card and deposit receipt and the consignee’s valid certificate original to secure the return formalities.

   4 Before returning the deposit, readers shall return all books and journals borrowed on the Reader’s Card and pay all charges for overdue borrowing.

   5 If the Reader’s Card is lost or damaged during returning, readers shall compensate for RMB 5 Yuan as the cost of the card and then get the deposit.

   6 If readers request to apply the Reader's Card again after returning the Reader’s Card, administrative charge for Reader’s Card of RMB 5 Yuan shall be paid.

   IX Special tips

   Please observe Regulations for Public Libraries in Hubei Province and regulations and systems of our library, love books and return books on time. Readers can only borrow 5 books each time with one Reader’s Card of Wuhan Library for 1-30 days; RMB 0.2 Yuan/day will be charged for each book when failing to return the books before the deadline specified; readers can borrow 2 Chinese journals each time with a Reader’s Card for 3-15 days, and charge of RMB 0.1 Yuan/ day for overdue borrowing will be paid for each journal.

Readers can renew the books failed to be read out within the period specified for another 30 days in the ways as:  Renew in the library (renew in the circulation department with the Reader’s Card, and it is unnecessary to carry the books to be renewed);  Renew online (website:;  Renew by call (dial 400-1000-423). For the detailed rules, please refer to the Notice posted on door of all reading rooms.

   Wuhan Library reserves all the rights for the final explanation to all articles above.